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Sunday 21st September 2014

Piolo Pascual

Paano Kita Iibigin Movie

Paano Kita Iibigin is a Pinoy romantic comedy movie film that promotes hope inspite of the unfortunate events that usually happen to one’s life. When Martee ( #RegineVelazquez ) was fired from her job and eventually got evicted from her apartment, she then decided to go on a vacation in Zambales with her asthmatic son. […]

Starting Over Again Movie Sequel

After the great success of the Star Cinema movie Starting Over Again. Star Cinema is already planning a follow-up project for Toni Gonzaga and Piolo Pascual. Starting Over Again is the highest grossing movie from the Philippines in 2014.  With box office earnings in three weeks at a total of P375 million, this breaks the […]

Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga perform ‘Starting Over Again’ theme

Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga perform ‘Starting Over Again’ themesong on ASAP March 2, 2014 episode. The two stars got close while singing the theme song from the blockbuster movie “Starting Over Again.” Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga gave thanks to all of their fans who made it possible for the Starting Over Again movie […]

Starting Over Again Earns P307 Million in 2 Weeks

“Starting Over Again” the big screen movie starring Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga continues to break box office records. This is Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga’s first team up and has had much success. So much success that it is breaking the box office records. Bringing in more than P307 in only 2 weeks. Starting […]

Starting Over Again P200M in 5 Days

Since the opening of day of this Filipino Movie Starting Over Again in all Philippine Theaters nationwide last February 12, 2014, it had already reached a gross earnings of more that P 20 Million. With this first and grandest big screen Love Team Up of Toni Gonzaga and Piolo Pascual, Starting Over Again Movie continued […]

Starting Over Again 2014

Starting Over Again is a romantic-comedy film of 2014 directed by Olivia M. Lamasan produced by Star Cinema as part of its 20th anniversary celebration. At the premiere of the movie it earned up to Php25 million box office hits and on its last day it earned over Php491.67 million, first ever non-MMFF film to […]

Starting Over Again Theme Song

Starting Over Again Official Music Video Starting Over Again is a Filipino Movie that is teeming with romance and drama coupled with a lot of tears, joys, pains, and happiness of finding, reminiscing, and rekindling love over again. Starting Over Again is starred by Piolo Pascual, Toni Gonzaga, and Iza Calzado. Official Music Video for […]

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