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Wednesday 17th September 2014

Starting Over Again 2014

Starting Over Again is a romantic-comedy film of 2014 directed by Olivia M. Lamasan produced by Star Cinema as part of its 20th anniversary celebration. At the premiere of the movie it earned up to Php25 million box office hits and on its last day it earned over Php491.67 million, first ever non-MMFF film to reached the said amount.

The story revolves around Ginni, an Architecture college student and Marco (Piolo Pascual) a history teacher. Ginni is in love with Marco and persuaded him. Marco, not knowing when and why did it happen finds himself drowning into Ginni’s charm and eventually falling in love with her. Five years they’re together as a perfect-happy couple and bringing out the best of them. Ginni, makes Marco realize that he has a passion to be a chef. In the peak of their happy relationship Ginni realizes that she wanted to be more than what she is right now and decides to reject the wedding proposal of Marco to go abroad and get a Masters degree in Architecture instead.
Ginni co-owns an Architecture firm that specializes Restoration. When she receives an email from a client to restore a restaurant and learning that Marco is one of the co-owners of this project she instantly accepts the job. Ginni still hopes for a second chance with Marco even when she knows that this project is intended for Marco’s preparation for his wedding proposal for his girlfriend Patricia (Iza Calzado). Marco discovers Ginni’s plans and he plays along. When confrontation happens, they are both carried away by the emotions left hanging by their unsettled past. Now that they have talked and confronted each other is there any opportunity for a second chance or Ginni’s too late for it?

Starting Over Again (2014) Full Movie Trailer

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