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List 90s Pinay Bold Stars

List of Bold Stars In The Philippines Here are my Top 10 List of the Most Daring, Alluring, and Most Sensual Pinay Bold Stars with Filipino Bold Movies From Year 1990 To 1999: Sunshine Cruz – Virgin People 2 (1996), Ekis Walang Takas (1999) Aya Mendel – Also known as the one and only Papaya Queen. Siya’y Nagdadalaga (1997) Joyce Jimenez – She is the Pantasya Ng Bayan. Warat (1999), Scorpio Nights 2 with Albert Martinez R…

A Very Special Love

A Very Special Love is a Pinoy romantic comedy film designed to make your heart flutter and your palms sweat. The story revolves between the hopelessly romantic Laida Magtalas (portrayed by #SarahGeronimo ) and the rich and famous, Miggy Montenegro (portrayed by #JohnLloydCruz ). Unbeknownst to Miggy, Laida strongly believes that he is the prince charming to her happily ever after. As a result, she applies as an editorial assistant in his compan…

On The Job OJT (2013)

On The Job OJT (2013) is one of the best Filipino Movies that is filled with Action and Drama.  This Tagalog Movie is about the story of four (4) Filipino men just trying to make a living to support their families while caught up and blinded by wild passions and ambitions.  This Pinoy film depicts a clash between two  matured inmates who were hired as contract killers and two young law enforcers who were hired to investigate murder crime scenes….


Hilariously action-packed, Gagamboy is a Pinoy fantasy and comedy film about the rather ordinary ice cream vendor, Junie (played by #VhongNavarro, who turns to be the superhero extraordinaire, Gagamboy, after an accident at a pharmaceutical laboratory. But being a larger-than-life superhero is not as amazing as it is made out to be. With more than a dozen villains in his trail, a need to conquer his ultimate fear of cockroaches and losing the tr…

Kung Fu Divas (2013)

Kung Fu Divas is a 2013 Filipino action comedy film produced under Reality Entertainment, Star Cinema, and The O&Co. What will you do if you came from a family of beauty queens? Charlotte ( #Ai Ai Delas Alas ), a family of beauty queens has to win a title of her own. Then, when she get her last chance of becoming a beauty queen, she joined the Hiyas ng Dalampasigan Pageant and her mother takes a move to make sure that her daughter will win….

The Fighting Chefs (2013)

An action comedy film directed by Ronnie Rickets, The Fighting Chefs was released on March 6, 2013. Starring Ronnie Rickets as Roi Vinzon the villain of the story and Boy Logro as Roy Alvarez, the manager of the restaurant. This group of chefs was separated into two when they received the announcement that they have three months left and then they have to evacuate the place because it will be sold to a condominium developer by Don Manolo, brothe…

Ikaw Pa Rin Bonga Ka Boy

Ikaw Pa rin Bonga ka Boy is a Pinoy romantic comedy which revolves around the quirky Dra. Baby Holmes (played by Ai-Ai de das Alas), who breaks up with her boyfriend after she discovers his deceit. Wanting to have a child of her own before she’s unable to do so, she starts to search for the perfect guy to marry. Her opportunity comes when she manages to rescue Roberto ‘Boy’ Reye (played by Robin Padilla), a generous and kind man who is considere…

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