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Saturday 22nd November 2014

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3 Days of Darkness Tagalog Movie

With doomsday nearing the inevitable days of darkness will come. The only option you have is to prepare yourself with your savior or give in to your fears. What will mankind do when three days of darkness are upon the earth. In this Pinoy Movie #GwenGarci #KatyaSantos have hot encounters to get through the times of horror. Can these women survive trapped for three days. Watch the video preview for the 3 Days of Darkness Movie A tagalog horror…

Bahay Kubo Movie

Bahay Kubo Movie is about a family full of love and care with each other. Eden (Maricel Soriano) and her husband Perry (Edi Quizon) had one biological daughter and choose to adopt more. They did anything to provide the needs of their family. And when Perry gets a big opportunity for their business, they needed to move to Manila. But their happy peaceful life began to get destructed because the business that Perry worked hard for begun to fall. B…

Starting Over Again Movie Sequel

After the great success of the Star Cinema movie Starting Over Again. Star Cinema is already planning a follow-up project for Toni Gonzaga and Piolo Pascual. Starting Over Again is the highest grossing movie from the Philippines in 2014.  With box office earnings in three weeks at a total of P375 million, this breaks the personal records of Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga. A Starting Over Again Movie Sequel or Prequel are in the talks and we are…

Maria Leonora Teresa (2014)

Maria Leonora Teresa is Star Cinema’s new movie offering for 2014. Set in the horror genre, this movie seeks to scare the audience with its ensemble cast.   Iza Calzado, Jodi Sta. Maria and Zanjoe Marudo will be starring in this new movie and they are set to give goosebumps when this movie is released.   The teaser trailer was released by Star Cinema and it featured a short plot of the horror movie.   The movie has three dol…

Cinco Movie

CINCO deserves a 10-10 rating for a horror film. The film tells 5 creepy stories all heart-pounding and mind blowing. Each story here was perfectly plotted, the directors were able to create a film that will surely hit and will surely remain in every audiences minds. Each story here gives a twist that is somehow relatable but the amazing part is the way they were able to create and tell those stories the other way around, they were able to give…

Kimmy Dora Movie

…wn ways just to get the attention of one man who happened to be the same man both of them are attracted to. This movie too would really show the audience how destructive love is since it could cause danger even to your closest family member, but still in the end, what matters most is the love for family. Still in the end, no matter what happens, the love for one’s sister surpasses any other forms of love in the entire universe. Kimmy Dora Movie

Paano Kita Iibigin Movie

Paano Kita Iibigin is a Pinoy romantic comedy movie film that promotes hope inspite of the unfortunate events that usually happen to one’s life. When Martee ( #RegineVelazquez ) was fired from her job and eventually got evicted from her apartment, she then decided to go on a vacation in Zambales with her asthmatic son. Fortunately, Martee was able to find a work in a run-down resort owned by Lance ( #PioloPascual ). Primarily, her major du…

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