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Thursday 20th November 2014

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Soltera Movie Maricel Soriano

Soltera is a movie produced by Star Cinema and released on July 28, 1999. Starring Diether Ocampo, Claudine Barreto and Maricel Soriano and directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng. Sandra Valdez (Maricel Soriano) is a fighter and a tough woman, sees love and marriage as source of money. Lisa (Claudine Barreto) is her younger sister and Eric Robles (Diether Ocampo) is a young stubborn man who feels in love with Sandra. Sandra has changed when she met Er…

In Your Eyes Movie

In Your Eyes is a 2010 Filipino romantic drama, the film revolves the story of one man torn between two sisters. Ciara (Claudine Barreto) decides to go to America to suffice her sisters needs way back in the Philippines. Julia (Anne Curtis) lives a happy life and have a romantic affair with Storm (Richard Gutierrez), a freelance photographer. When Julia decides to follow Ciara in the United States. Storm realized that he cannot leave without Jul…

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