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Tatarin is a Pinoy sexy movie that celebrates women and refers to a liberating ritual performed during summer in the Philippines Lupe (played by Dina Bonnevie) is your ideal wife: caring, submissive and nurturing. Basically, the picture of a perfect Filipino woman. She dedicates her time to her husband, Paeng (played by Edu Manzano). However, her husband frequently takes her for granted making her feel as though something is missing from her lif…

Kutob Movie

Kutob is a Pinoy Drama movie that was released in 2005. Erica thinks that her boyfriend, Carlo, is cheating on her. So she and her best friend, Mayen, consulted a fortune-teller just to be sure, instead she was warned about a danger lurking ahead. When she disregarded the warning, her relationship with Carlo becomes even more complicated, even her friends Amy and Lemuel tries to get in the way. Erica tries to make everything all right between he…

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