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Friday 28th November 2014

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90s Male Bold Stars Pinoy

List 90s Male Bold Stars Pinoy In The Philippines Here are my Top 10 List of the Most Daring, Alluring, and Most Sensual 90s Male Bold Stars Pinoy with Filipino Bold Movies From Year 1990 To 1999: Albert Martinez – Segurista (1995) Tonton Gutierrez – Virgin People 2 (1996), Ambisyosa (1997) Jomari Yllana – Warat (1999) Joko Diaz – Warat (1999) Zoren Legaspi – Island of Desire (1990) Raymond Bagatsing – Room F…

Rufa Mae Quinto Movies

…very popular Gag Show Bubble Gang.  She had won four (4) PMPC Awards and has starred in a lot of Comedy Filipino Movies.  Rufa Mae Quinto starred in the best Comedy Pinoy Movies in the Philippines. Rufa Mae Quinto Meets Her Kalokalike Here are some of the most popular Rufa Mae Quinto Movies: Kalabog en Bosyo (1994) Grepor Butch Belgica Story (1995) Manalo, Matalo, Mahal Kita (1995) Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa (1996) Dyesebel (19…

Isusumbong Kita Sa Tatay Ko (My favorite Action Filipino Movie)

Isusumbong Kita Sa Tatay Ko is an action-comedy film in 1999. It is about an auto repair shop owner Badong (Fernando Poe Jr.) and his relationship to his pretty yet boyish daughter Joey (Judy Ann Santos). Joey is kind of a trouble-maker in their community since she is always confident that her father would really fight anyone for her. Because of her over protective father, she became a bit of a spoiled brat and gave a short problem with their fa…

Robin Padilla Action Movie Ang Utol Kong

Behind every bad guy’s appearance, is a good guy’s heart. The action movie Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum is about a guy, Ben, who despite working to a syndicate has a kind heart who cares for his adopted parents. He’s like the Pinoy Robinhood of the 90’s were they collect grease money from jeepney drivers in behalf of the syndicate. But he gets a meager amount in return to provide her adopted parent’s needs. One day, his bo…

Alma Moreno Bold Movies of the 70s and 80s

Alma Moreno got her start in the Philippine movie industry in the late 1970s. She is geared with a face of innocence and a body full of sex appeal that she used to capture the hearts of movie goers. Alma Moreno was born in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur, Philippines on May 25, 1959.  Alma Moreno is only her stage name but her given name at birth was Vanessa Moreno Lacsamana. Starring in many movies with her first being Urduja as Dama, where she worked al…

Basement Pinoy Movie 2014

…Con are Dion Ignacio, Dex Quindoza, RJ Padilla, and Kevin Santos. Basement 2014 Basement is one of the latest Pinoy Horror Movies for this New Year 2014.  This very scary Filipino Movie is premiered by GMA Films for the coming Valentines Day 2014.  This Horror Movie is about some bizarre killings happening at the basement of a car parking area.  It seems that a manananggal is lurking under the cover of darkness waiting for her next prey at the…

Shake Rattle and Roll 12- Pinoy Horror Movie

Shake Rattle and Roll 12 is a horror Pinoy Series and this film is their 12th season. Like any other Shake Rattle and Roll movie, this has three different episodes in one movie. Three different horror stories, three different situations, and three different kind of endings. The first episode is entitled Mamanyika, it is about a manyika (doll) found by an orphan girl. Every people being left all alone naturally always wanted a friend to lean on….

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