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Friday 28th November 2014

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90s Male Bold Stars Pinoy

…Jomari Yllana – Warat (1999) Joko Diaz – Warat (1999) Zoren Legaspi – Island of Desire (1990) Raymond Bagatsing – Room For Rent (1997) Gardo Versoza – Machete 2 (1994), Mabango (1996) Jestoni Alarcon – Di Mapigil Ang Init (1995) Leandro Baldemor – Patikim Ng Pinya (1996) Anton Bernardo – Patikim Ng Pinya (1996) If you are very eager to watch these Pinoy Bold Movies in Full from this List of 90s Ma…

Bob Ong ABNKKBSNPLAko 2014 The Movie

…ie stars such as Andi Eigenmann, Meg Imperial, and Vandolph Quizon. According to the latest interview of Jericho Rosales,  he said that they already have a schedule to start shooting scenes for the movie  ABNKKBSNPLAko using some clips in Bob Ong’s very own popular book. Ito ang kwento ni Roberto or Bob Ong (Jericho Rosales). Ito ang Kwento ng Estudyanteng Pinoy from the 80s, to the 90s, to the 2000s and Beyond! Ito ang Throwback Movie for

List 90s Pinay Bold Stars

…the White Castle Whiskey Girl, Wife of Tonton Gutierrez. Ambisyosa (1997) Priscilla Almeda – Sutla (1999) Rosanna Roces – Popularly called Osang, Flawless Queen of the Philippines, she became popular with her movie Machete 2 (1994). Katawan (1999) Hazel Espinoza – Playmate (1999) Stella Ruiz – Room For Rent (1997) Alma Soriano – Modelo (1997) If you are very eager to watch these Pinoy Bold Movies in Full from thi…

Basement Pinoy Movie 2014

The Basement (Movie) Stars of the Movie “The Basement” talk about the horror movie. Joining the BlogCon are Dion Ignacio, Dex Quindoza, RJ Padilla, and Kevin Santos. Basement 2014 Basement is one of the latest Pinoy Horror Movies for this New Year 2014.  This very scary Filipino Movie is premiered by GMA Films for the coming Valentines Day 2014.  This Horror Movie is about some bizarre killings happening at the basement of a car p…

Warat: Bibigay Ka Ba? (1999)

Warat: Bibigay Ka Ba? (1999) Filipino Bold Movie Warat: Bibigay Ka Ba? is a Pinoy Bold Movie about two Filipinos – Rex (Jomari Yllana) and Rica (Joyce Jimenez) who were born without getting to know their real father. Rex was raised by a very rich and powerful adoptive gay dad but he ended up being alone at home all the time because his father is just to busy to spend time with him. Rica, on the other hand, is raised by her very poor aunt…

Madame X (2000)

Madame X (2000) Filipino Bold Movie Madame X is a Pinoy Bold Movie about a very enticing and young Filipina who call herself Madame X (Ina Raymundo). Together with her friend and lover (Gary Estrada), she tries to use her very alluring and enticing body to lure all their enemies towards her exotic yet very deadly den. This Tagalog Bold Movie is all about sweet vengeance at the bosom of Madam X. Madame X Movie Cast and Credits Country: Phili…

Shake Rattle and Roll 12- Pinoy Horror Movie

Shake Rattle and Roll 12 is a horror Pinoy Series and this film is their 12th season. Like any other Shake Rattle and Roll movie, this has three different episodes in one movie. Three different horror stories, three different situations, and three different kind of endings. The first episode is entitled Mamanyika, it is about a manyika (doll) found by an orphan girl. Every people being left all alone naturally always wanted a friend to lean on….

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