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Thursday 23rd October 2014

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She’s Dating The Gangster, Box Office Hit Movie In Philippines

This romantic comedy movie entitled She’s Dating The Gangster starring popular Filipino love team Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo became a box office hit on its first day of showing on Philippine cinemas nationwide. On its opening day last Wednesday, July 16, 2014, this 2014 Filipino Movie She’s Dating The Gangster already earned an estimated gross earnings of Php 15 Million despite the heavy rains and gusty winds brought about b…

Sukdulan (2003)

…an exhilarating, exciting, and exotic forbidden adventure that will change their marriage forever. This Tagalog Rated R Movie is all about a common problem in the Philippine society where both husband and wife have to work different shifts just to cope up with the very demanding needs in life to the point that they forget their obligations to each other already. Sukdulan Movie Cast and Credits Country: Philippines Language: Tagalog , Filipi…

Sa Ngalan ng Ama, Ina At Mga Anak 2014

Sa Ngalan ng Ama, Ina At Mga Anak 2014 This is a Filipino Movie filled with action and drama about the life of a Filipino Family in the Philippine Setting. Ang Ama and haligi ng tahanan.  Hindi napupundi ang ilaw ng Ina.  Ang kinabukasan ipaglalaban.  Sa Ngalan ng Ama, Ina At Mga Anak. Watch this Pinoy Movie Sa Ngalan ng Ama, Ina At Mga Anak.  This is the very first Filipino Movie of Daniel Padilla with his uncle Robin Padilla.  Daniel Padilla w…

Bob Ong ABNKKBSNPLAko 2014 The Movie

…the 2000s and Beyond! Ito ang Throwback Movie for The Year 2014, ang Barkada Movie The Year 2014, ang Feel-Good Movie ng taonThe Year 2014, ang everything Movie The Year 2014! ABNKKBSNPLAko?! The Movie Trailer The making of ABNKKBSNPLAko?! The Movie If you are an avid fan of Bob Ong’s book ABNKKBSNPLAko then you will surely love to watch this movie. Movie Cast and Credits Country: Philippines Language: Tagalog , Filipino Release…

Serbis (2008)

…the meeting ground of hustlers, prostitutes, thieves, and both local and foreign customers seeking for immediate relief and pleasure. This Tagalog Rated R Movie shows us exactly how living in Angeles City, Philippines looks like at the point of view of the business owners. Serbis Movie Cast and Credits Country: Philippines Language: Tagalog , Filipino Release Year: 2008 Genre: Rated R Movie Writers: Armando Lao, Boots Agbayani Pastor


This epic horror film “SIGNOS” is one of a kind. This movie tells a story but gives the audience another creative way of telling it. As one watches the film, he or she will just see how Louie, played by Luis Alandy, tries to discover the mystery in his hometown but as the movie goes by, he will discover the real story behind; it’s not just an ordinary mystery. The real story about the landslide that happened in Visayas. The creators could just n…

My Little Bossings

…at became an official entry to the 39th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).  This is also the very first Filipino Movie that Bimby Aquino Yap had and it is already one of the top grossing Pinoy Films in the Philippine Movie Industry to date. My Little Bossings became a Box Office Hit reaching Php 497.3 million as of January 5,2013.  This Filipino Movie is ranked second to the highest box office record gross ever attained by a Pinoy Movie of all ti…

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