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Thursday 27th November 2014

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3 Days of Darkness Tagalog Movie

With doomsday nearing the inevitable days of darkness will come. The only option you have is to prepare yourself with your savior or give in to your fears. What will mankind do when three days of darkness are upon the earth. In this Pinoy Movie #GwenGarci #KatyaSantos have hot encounters to get through the times of horror. Can these women survive trapped for three days. Watch the video preview for the 3 Days of Darkness Movie A tagalog horror…

Bob Ong ABNKKBSNPLAko 2014 The Movie

Bob Ong ABNKKBSNPLAko The Movie is one of the newest Pinoy Movies for Year 2014. Bob Ong’s famous book entitled ABNKKBSNPLAko was published in the Year 2001.  As we all know, Bob Ong became a very popular author in the Philippines because of his humorous book that depicts the life of Filipinos.  It sold more than  a million copies for the past few years and now Viva Films wanted to make a movie out of it. Bob Ong ABNKKBSNPLAko The Movie wi…

Bulong Movie with Vhong Navarro

Bulong is a Pinoy horror and comedy film. So how do you get the girl? Conan (played by #VhongNavarro ) is told that he needs to whisper his wish to the dead and the soul will help him earn the love of Ellen (played by #BangsGarcia ). Desperate, he whispers his wish to a dead body and the next day, Ellen’s flirting with him. However, he is also being haunted by the very soul who helped him, who turns out to be a witch needing Conan’s help for an…

Virgin People 2 (1996)

…very rich and handsome young man (Tonton Gutierrez) from the city came to their little town for a visit. In this Tagalog Bold Movie, would these best of friends be able to contain their lustful thoughts and steaming desire for this young man? Will their friendship be shattered forever as they try to compete for the love and affection of this rich guy? Will they allow their virginity to be shattered because they allowed themselves to be blinded…

Liberated (2003)

Liberated (2003) Filipino Rated R Movie Liberated is a Pinoy Rated R Movie is all about the story of Pauline (Diana Zubiri) and her friend Trixie (Francine Prieto) who were raised up to become liberated and very independent women. They are young, carefree, and wild and they are not scared to try new daring things and adventures in their lives. This Tagalog Rated R Movie is about being carefree, wild, and free. Liberated Movie Cast and Credits…

Mocha Uson Butas

…of Pia (Mocha Uson) who is so much addicted with making love to Jiggo (Ace Castro) to the point that they would try out new ways for a more passionate and exciting bed adventures. And then here comes Andoy (Rufert John Lirio) who is a peeping tom trying to witness to their lustful acts every night. This Tagalog Rated R Movie is all about love, passion, lust, and desire that have gone awry.   Butas 2012 Full Movie Cast and Credits Country

Talk Back and You’re Dead (2014)

Talk Back and You’re Dead (2014) is a very interesting Pinoy Teenage Movie that is so sweet that it will totally knock you off your feet.  Watch this very entertaining romantic comedy Tagalog Movie that is directed by Andoy Ranay and starring another love team tandem between James Reid and Nadine Lustre after their very successful Box Office Hit Filipino Movie entitled Diary Ng Panget. Joining them are teenage stars Yassi Pressman, AJ Muhl…

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