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An award winning and box-office hit, Madrasta is a Pinoy drama which revolves around Mariel (played by Sharon Cuneta), a caring woman, who marries Edward (played by Christopher de Leon), a single father of three children who is abandoned by his first wife. Trying to find a place in the household proves to be a bit of a challenge especially with Edward’s three children (played by Claudine Barretto, Patrick Garicia and Camille Prats) around. She s…

It Takes a Man and a Woman (2014)

A 2013 Filipino romantic comedy drama film directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina. It is the third sequel in the film series, A Very Special Love and You Changed My life. Miggy ( #John Lloyd Cruz ) is now in a relationship with Belle ( #Isabelle Daza ) after their break-up with Laida ( #Sarah Geronimo ) in the second film. After a couple of years, it is shown that Miggy has lost the trust of the board members since he lost the company’s aircraft…


Desperadas is a Pinoy drama which revolves around the lives of four beautiful, though slightly comical, half sisters and the struggles that they face in their daily lives. Having different personalities, each of them fights different battles. Isabella (portrayed by Ruffa Gutierrez) is a woman who fears commitment. Stephanie (portrayed by Iza Calzado), on the other hand revels in her stable marriage. Suddenly, she begins having problems with her

Kamoteng Kahoy

…ing. This film shows that in life, whatever happens, there’s always hope, and this is one thing we all should be really thankful of to our creator. The survivors in this film showed how 2 young hearts could be able to overcome a trauma and be able to survive and continue life the way it was, yes, that could be really difficult for a child but these 2 were able to. And of little ones can, they why not the older ones? Kamoteng Kahoy Movie Trailer

Tulak ng Bibig, Kabig ng Dibdib

Tulak ng Dibdib, Kabig ng Bibig is a comedy romance film. Lando (portrayed by #RobinPadilla ) needs a job but his prison record proves to be his downfall in every job he applied to. Desperate to earn a living, he turns to his friend. He is fortunate that the guy knows someone who needs a driver and a bodyguard. His new employer, however, is none other than Mariel (portrayed by #MaricelSoriano ), a woman whom he has a history with. Left with no c…

Moments of Love

Moments of Love is a Pinoy Romance Drama that defies time and space. Marco (portrayed by Dindong), on vacation in an old, sleepy town, is saved by a mysterious old woman from being hit by van. Grateful for the rescue, he visits her and meets her granddaughter, Lianne (portrayed by Karylle). Immediately, the two are attracted to each other and starts to date. Suddenly, Marco is haunted by a deep sense of melancholy. He finds solace in an old tele…

Ded na si Lolo (Grandpa Is Dead)

Ded na si Lolo (Grandpa is Dead) is a Pinoy comedy drama that features how one family copes after the beloved patriarch dies. Narrated through the eyes of the child, Bobet (played by BJ Forbes), the film features the several superstitious beliefs of Filipinos that has the tendency to disrupt the peacefulness and sincerity of mourning the dead. With a star-studded cast and quirky characters, you are sure to laugh at every weird antics and be touc…

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