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Pagpag Siyam na Buhay 2013

Pagpag 2013

Pagpag Siyam na Buhay is a Filipino Movie filled with horror and suspense.  For all Filipino moviegoers who love Scary Pinoy Movies and are avid fans of Daniel Padilla himself, enjoy the Holiday Seasons by watching Pagpag Siyam na Buhay coming to Filipino theaters near you on December 25, 2013.  Watch Cedric Castillo (Daniel Padilla) and Leni (Kathryn Bernardo) as they try to save their families and friends when they failed to observe the Filipino Tradition known as Pagpag.  Pagpag is a superstitious belief of the Filipinos wherein whenever you are visiting someone’s wake, you must not go home directly to avoid evil spirits from following you back home.

Pagpag Movie Cast and Credits

Country: Philippines
Language: Tagalog , Filipino
Release Year: 2013
Genre: Horror
Writers: x
Director: Frasco Mortiz
Cast: Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Paulo Avelino, Shaina Magdayao

Frasco Mortiz talks about filming Pagpag

Pagpag Behind The Scenes

Kathryn Bernardo invites you to watch “Pagpag Siyam na Buhay”

Credits to @starcinema icon smile Pagpag Siyam na Buhay 2013


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